Membership in the Stewards Club of Dallas is open to all United States residents 16 years of age and older. While many of our members are experienced in showing dogs, this experience is not a prerequisite to membership. Prospective members must complete a written membership application and apprentice for at least two shows under an assigned SCD member. Subsequent to the apprenticeship, the applicant must be voted upon at a regular meeting of the Club. Members must agree to abide by the Club's Constitution and Bylaws, its Code of Behavior for Ring Stewards and the rules established by the American Kennel Club for ring stewards. Feel free to explore the documents below.*

Membership Application

AKC Rules and Regulations for Dog Show Stewards

The Board of Directors establishes annual membership dues which are payable in June of each year for the subsequent year. Stop by and visit us at any of the upcoming shows for questions, or contact our Secretary, Carole Grider, at We'd love to have you join us!

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