Welcome to the online home of the Stewards Club of Dallas! For more than 30 years, SCD has provided stewarding services for American Kennel Club ("AKC") approved dog shows and the sponsoring kennel clubs around the state of Texas as well as in the neighboring states of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Our members are from such divergent locales as Amarillo, Frisco, Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Houston, and Alvarado. We range in age from 16 to the 80's but all show the spirit of our motto: "We help dog shows run better!"

The stated purpose of our non-profit organization is to create, encourage, educate and promote the sport of purebred dogs and the public's knowledge of purebred dogs through professional and efficient ring stewarding at American Kennel Club sanctioned dog shows and events. The Club seeks to achieve this purpose through training and performance as stewards for any and all duly organized, American Kennel Club sanctioned dog shows. Chief assignments are at all-breed shows and we occasionally contract for a specialty show.

While the majority of our members are experienced in showing dogs, the Club requires an apprenticeship of all new members and holds instruction sessions on a periodic basis. Post-show discussions at Club meetings help solve any problems that may have arisen during the course of the show and avoid future problems. The AKC Guidelines for Dog Show Stewards are strictly adhered to, and the Club enforces its additional code of conduct and dress.

Our members readily are identifiable at shows by their smart royal blue vests with the white logo on the back, and by the worksheet clipboards which they carry into the ring. We have worked hard to earn our reputation amongst show-giving clubs and judges as the professional stewards who make their lives easier.

If you are a show-giving kennel club interested in our services, please visit our Services page for more information. If you are an individual interested in joining us, please visit our Membership page for an application. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming show!

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We Help Dog Shows Run Better!

Updated: 4/15/2015

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